Connect with Others

Watch your show with MILLIONS of others, right there in your living room


We are all social creatures...

...and generally enjoy the company of others. Let's also make TV a social experience and while you're watching at home, you can also tap into a network of millions of others who are watching alongside you. Through this network, you can talk, discuss, laugh and react in real time, and that makes the program more exciting.

We at HRMES love live events. By live events we mean sporting games, concerts, but also movie theaters. Ok, movies are not technically live events, but you are still sitting in a room with a hundred other people watching and reacting to the same content shown. That's why often comedies are funnier and dramas are more tear-jerking when you watch it in a movies, because the emotions of the theater adds to the experience of the movie itself. In a live sporting event, there is no better feeling than to experience the energy exerted by tens of thousands of fans as Lebron James scores that game winning basket for when Lionel Messi wins the game for Barcelona. You truly cannot beat the feeling of watching something with hundreds, thousands and millions of others. 

We want to be able to create this feeling in your living room. By tapping into the HRMES APP, you are tapping into a network of millions who are also watchings show with you. Through specific tools designed by the shows directors and our own creative crew, you will be able engage, react, laugh, cry and share this visual experience together.