Interact with Shows

Interact with the show, talk to the actors, get to know the directors and become involved with the content



...TV is a chance to tell a story, to play out a game and/or to live out a fantasy, but viewers never get a chance to go beyond that. It has always been a one-way connection, with information from the TV reaching the audience, never the other way around. Let's break this tradition.

HRMES makes information flow in both directions. Like before, you will still receive content from shows on your television sets, or on other devices, but now you can also send information back to the show directors and actors. Reality show voting has been the most primitive example of interactions, where viewer feedback can change the result of the show. We believe the future for interactions goes beyond that and user participation is an encourage and crucial aspect of how the story or content plays out.

In addition to becoming involved with the arc of the show or changing the content, users could also have the ability to interact with their favorite actors and directors, helping them get close to their idols, and helping actors stay more connected with their fans. Imagine watching the next episode of Game of Thrones with Kit Harrington and see his reactions as the story unfolds. 

We think this is pretty cool. Hopefully you do as well.