Critical Content

Content delivered to your second screen that syncs with the story-lines and information from your favorite shows


Our goal... to make your shows better. While you are watching your favorite programs, additional content will be automatically pushed onto your phone that is synced with the information on your television screen. Information could be as simple as telling you where to purchase those cute Blake Lively shoes you've been eyeing or the name of that catchy tune that is currently playing in the background. 

However, we believe the additional content can provide so much more than just a place where you can buy/download stuff - it can change your viewing experience. Imagine you are at a live sporting event, or a concert. Is your entire attention fixated on just one angle? Of course not! You are checking the Jumbotron for that last replay, the scoreboard to see who's winning, even the cute cheerleader you saw earlier. The content is not just the game or the musician, but the it's the entire visual experience. 

We have a team of directors who will create specifically designed content for your phone or tablet. The information will be both informative and interesting, and in some cases, critical for your understanding of the program. So next time Lebron makes that sweet shot, you can check out the replay, stats, information and even that cute cheerleader's reaction, right on your second screen device.