HRMES Business and Development Team


Alex Qi

Project Lead

Alex is responsible for all business development, human resources, sales and marketing related tasks, as well as setting the overall strategy and direction for HRMES. In addition, Alex serves as the project manager, responsible for making sure the the project stays on track and that HRMES is able to deliver on all promises to its customers, partners and audiences. Alex was a management consultant in his former life and holds a BMath degree from the University of Waterloo and a BBA degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. 


Li Qinwen

Lead Content Director

Qinwen provides the direction and content scope for all our current and future shows. He comes from an experienced directorial background, making his debut in the late 90s with the popular HunanTV show "Celebrate 98". With nearly 20 years of experience creating content appealing to viewers, we are happy to have him join our team and develop unique and creative talent specifically for the HRMES APP. Qinwen graduated from the Beijing Film Academy


Xiao Tian

Programming Lead

An experienced programmer with a strong affinity for solving problems, Xiao Tian is the brains behind making sure that HRMES works the way we have always envisioned. He is responsible for overseeing and advising both the server architecture and also the client-facing APP programming. He comes from a strong background, earning his PhD, Masters and undergraduate degree in the field of computer science from TsingHua University. He has also won a gold medal in a national programming competition, cementing his status as one of the top programming talents in all of China.


Lin Haohong

Server Architect

Haohong is responsible for leading the server software development team and making sure that HRMES's server will be able to support our enthusiastic user base. He both has experience and interest in work with distributed systems, cloud based computing and handling big data. He holds a masters degree and a bachelors degree in SSE from HuaZhong University. One of his academic papers was accepted in CLUSTER2014 and was nominated as the best paper.


Zhong Lili

Product Manager

Lili handles all the user interface designs, as well as determines which functions HRMES will be able to perform. She is the brains behind everything that our audiences will be able to see, hear and access when they boot up the application. She will also work closely with all the shows featured in HRMES, to provide the best integrated experience. As a former product manager at Baidu, Lili is experienced in designing products and features that you will love to use. She has an undergraduate degree in computer science from TsingHua University and earned her masters degree in computer science from HKUST. 


Eric Yang


An experienced programmer with a background in working with vertical search engines, Chunhui has previously developed an language translation tool that was far superior than any other product on the market. His current role involves working on the HRMES client-facing APP programming team and writing code that will help create a flawless user experience. He holds an undergraduate degree in software engineering from Southwest JiaoTong University.

Hardware Development Team

HRMES has two hardware teams working to bring you a flawless user experience. The team are based out of our offices in Shanghai and Xi'an

Project Consultants and Advisors

Yihong Q.

Current CEO of DBJTech and on the executive team of GTS, Sunway, and 3 other start-up companies. He was one of the first employees to join Blackberry and has 400+ international patents in his name.

Fred Y.

Current COO of DBJTech, CTO of Sunway, and on the executive team at GTS.