Hyku Asia Pacifik

As one of the most tech-hungry countries, Indonesians use mobile devices and watch TV more than any other nation. Now Indonesia is experiencing significant growth in its social media and mobile device usage levels, which means it is a great chance for Hyku to capture a growing marketing and enter a whole new world.

Hyku has partnered up with a strong, connected team in Indonesia to form the joint venture Hyku Asia Pacifik and will take on some of the largest markets in the entire Asia Pacific region and expand our international influence.



CCTV-Outlook channel was founded in 2005, and is the first cross-media channel that focuses on humanity and geography in China, as well as the only channel that mainly provides programs related to  exploration, scientific revelation and tourism.

Since July 2015, Hyku started the cooperation with CCTV-Outlook channel’s daily news talk show Discoverer Bar. Hyku has produced more than 100 episodes real-time content for Discoverer Bar on the APP.


The Travel  Channel

The Travel Channel is the only channel that focuses purely on travel and leisure programming. The content revolve mainly focus on travel, along with fashion and entertainment. The Travel Channel has an audience rating and a loyal fanpage.

Since April 2015, Hyku started cooperating with The Travel Channel’s weekly interview program Great Time Characters. Hyku produced more than 30 episodes of real-time content for Great Time Characters - all the way until the show ended in early 2016.