Hyku Business and Development Team

Alex Qi                     Founder, CEO

Alex Qi                     Founder, CEO

Alex is responsible for all business development, human resources, sales and marketing related tasks, as well as setting the overall strategy and direction for Hyku. In addition, Alex serves as the project manager, responsible for making sure the project stays on track and that Hyku is able to deliver on all promises to its customers, partners and audiences. Alex was a management consultant in his former life and holds a BMath degree from the University of Waterloo and a BBA degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Jin Ronghao Lead Designer

Jin Ronghao

Lead Designer

Jin Ronghao (Blake), an experienced designer with strong human-computer interaction background, is responsible for the UI design of the Hyku app, which aims to provide good user experience. With a strong passion for design, he keeps seeking improvements, while exploring the cutting edge of aesthetics, beauty and efficiency. He won the prestigious Red Dot Design award, for the best of the best design in 2013. He holds a Masters degree from Southwest Jiaotong University.

Lin Haohong Server Manager

Lin Haohong

Server Manager

Haohong is responsible for leading the server software development team and making sure that Hyku’ server will be able to support our enthusiastic user base. He both has experience and interest in working with distributed systems, cloud based computing and handling big data. He holds a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in SSE from HuaZhong University. One of his academic papers was accepted in CLUSTER2014 and was nominated as the best paper.

Zeng Chao Senior Server Architect

Zeng Chao

Senior Server Architect

Zeng Chao is responsible for the development of the server system at Hyku, helping to steer the entire back-end operations. He is experienced, and with a strong interest in cloud computing and container technologies. Skilled Amazon AWS-based cloud computing developer and distributed systems solution. Loves the culture of open source systems and Github. Avid runner and semi-professional model.

Xu Zhi Senior iOS Developer

Xu Zhi

Senior iOS Developer

Xu Zhi has been developing app for over 6 years, and engaged in mobile app development for 3 of those years - touching on a variety of projects, including iOS apps, multimedia development, games, desktop apps, for clients all over the world. Today, he is a key member in our front-end development efforts, working with the rest of the team to make sure what you see on the screen is what we have intended and designed.

Yang Chunhui Android Developer

Yang Chunhui

Android Developer

An experienced programmer with a background in working with vertical search engines, Chunhui has previously developed a language translation tool that was far superior to any other product on the market. His current role involves working on the Hyku client-facing APP programming team and writing code that will help create a flawless user experience. He holds an undergraduate degree in software engineering from Southwest JiaoTong University.

Zou Yalong Server Architect

Zou Yalong

Server Architect

Zou Yalong (Ailen) has been involved with mobile development, embedded system application, and operating system kernel over the past 3 years. A comprehensive developer with a computer science major from SJTU and a strong interest in the field of IT, he works with our server team to perfect systems that can support our user base and front-end ideas. 

Zheng Yingyi  Content Creator

Zheng Yingyi

 Content Creator

Yingyi (Innez) is responsible for creating fascinating and enriching content to be displayed on the Hyku APP. The amusing and popular content will help enhance your television viewing experience, and helps us, as a company, attract more users and grow our fan base. Previously, Innez worked as a news editor and an experienced journalist at Tencent. She holds a bachelors degree in News Editing and Publishing from the Department of Communications at Beijing Normal University.

Yina Liu Marketing/ Content Specialist

Yina Liu

Marketing/ Content Specialist

Yina is responsible for marketing and content editing for Hyku and its clients. Yina has vast experience in the areas of entertainment and television content development through her work at Hunan Broadcasting, the largest television network in China. She holds a bachelors degree in marketing from Jilin University and a Masters degree in global operations from HKUST business school.

Xue Ruini Server Support

Xue Ruini

Server Support

With over 10 years of industry experience, Xue Ruini is a key contributor and consultant for the server team. He guides the team and recognizes various ways to make our back-end system more efficient. He holds a masters and PhD degree in computer science from Tsinghua University, and a bachelors from Beijing University of Science and Technology.

Shi Ge Partner

Shi Ge


Shi Ge is responsible for company level strategy, business development as well as financing and investing activities for Hyku. In addition, Shi Ge provides product design input to make sure that the product development is align with our overall strategy. Shi Ge was a management consultant and an investment banker in his former life and holds a master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and a bachelors degree in the same field from Tsinghua University.

Li Qinwen   Lead Director

Li Qinwen  

Lead Director

Qinwen provides the direction and content scope for all our current and future shows. He comes from an experienced directorial background, making his debut in the late 90s with the popular HunanTV show "Celebrate 98". With nearly 20 years of experience creating content appealing to viewers, we are happy to have him join our team and develop unique and creative talent specifically for the Hyku APP. Qinwen graduated from the Beijing Film Academy

Yang Jian Senior Server Architect

Yang Jian

Senior Server Architect

Responsible for the development of the Hyku server system, with all the intricacies that makes the app run behind the scenes, Yang Jian derives his background and experience from 7 years of working in software development for a network gaming company. 

Zhong Yuan iOS Developer  

Zhong Yuan

iOS Developer


Zhong Yuan is responsible for iOS development. In the team, he achieves the requirement as will as provide creative suggestion. He obtains bachelor's degree of automation major from Hua Zhong University of  Science and Technology. Before becoming a software developer, ‍he worked in hardware industry. When the project stretches across hardware and software,he can use  both software and hardware knowledge and experience.

Ran Yanqiong Android Developer

Ran Yanqiong

Android Developer

Yanqiong is  currently responsible for realizing our ideas for how the app will behave in android devices and improving the user experience.She  has over 4 years experience in the area of android application's development and maintenance.She loves hiking ,badminton and trying new things.She holds a bachelors degree from Jilin University.

Jessie Lin UI Designer

Jessie Lin

UI Designer

Jessie Lin, is currently responsible for Hyku APP’s design analysis and interactive design. She has deep artistic skills and focus on APP’s user experience and creative design. She has rich experience in web and APP design. She holds a bachelor’s degree in visual communication from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

Wen Xin Business Development

Wen Xin

Business Development

Wenxin (Sandra) has strong cross-industry project experience with a background working for professional service companies - involved in the areas of management consulting and asset management. Within Hyku, she is responsible for connecting with our clients, and in the areas of business development. She holds a bachelors degree in commerce and accounting from the University of Sydney.

Teng Jialin Product QA Engineer

Teng Jialin

Product QA Engineer

Jialin is currently in charge of Hyku APP’s process quality from pre-project need, mid-term demo to final product quality. She has 5 years working experience in testing, and she focus on improve product features and user experience. She holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

Zhou Jeyi Director Support

Zhou Jeyi

Director Support

Zhou Jeyi (Vivi) started her career as a director on the popular Hunan TV show Day Day Up. She has also worked with other popular shows such as Chinese People of Color and Chinese Hero. Currently she helps Hyku with developing engaging content on the APP, as well as coordinating with director teams to further our business development.

Deng Lei Technology Support

Deng Lei

Technology Support

Deng Lei is a key contributor and consultant for the hardware. He has years of experience in internet of things and accurate positioning system research and development. He holds a masters and bachelors degree in communication and information system from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

                                                                                                                                                Project Consultants and Advisors

Yihong Qi Primary Investor

Yihong Qi

Primary Investor

Yihong is the current CTO of ENICE, following its merge with Supeq. He is a former director at Blackberry, and among the first twenty employees to join the company. Co-founder of numerous companies, including DBJay, Supeq and General Test Systems, and as CEO of DBJay, engaged in the development and sales of mobile communication antennas, and associated applications. He currently holds over 130 US patents and 56 pending patents. Yihong has a PhD in Electromagnetics and Microwave Engineering from Xidian University.

Fred Yu Primary Investor

Fred Yu

Primary Investor

Fred is the current CEO of ENICE, a tech/antenna systems company preparing for its IPO on the Australian stock exchange. He co-founded numerous other companies, including DBJay, General Test Systems and Antennovation. After the consolidation of Antennovation and Sunway, he because the CTO of Sunway, and guided the company to its IPO in 2010, setting a record for the shortest time for a company to go from founding to IPO. He holds a PhD in Communication and Information Systems from Xidian University.