Television Revolution

Television has traditionally been an anti-social, sit-in-your-home-alone activity. Let's change that.


TV is old...

...and it represents a technology that has not truly evolved since the color TV's invention back in the 1950s. Sure, there has been some "breakthroughs" over the past few years with HDTV, 3DTV and even the SmartTV, but the fact that millions of traditional TV viewers are migrating to the small, grainy screens of online TV means that it's not really about the technology, it's about the experience. Perhaps online TV is indeed the next TV breakthrough, but we at HRMES believe that if you have to squint to distinguish which pixel represents the action on a tiny YouTube screen, then the breakthrough may lie elsewhere. 

We are looking to bring the viewers back to the TV set by providing more value to their everyday programs. In three distinct ways (content, social and interactions), we are hoping to make each TV show a must-see event. With our phone/tablet APP, you are no longer just sitting on a couch watching your weekly show, but you are connected to content that will enhance your experience, interactions that will allow you engage with program and millions of audiences around the world who are reacting to the show in real time. 

Come in. Join us. Let the TV revolution begin.


Critical Content

HRMES allows you to access additional content synced with your favorite shows while you watch. 


Connect with Others

Connect with others who are watching the program at the same time as you. You're not watching American Idol with you and your boyfriend anymore, you can watch it with millions of people around the world. If you want to, that is.


Interact with Shows

Voting is a type of interaction you can do with HRMES, but interactions go far beyond selecting your favorite singer. You can answer questions, chat with the actors in real time and put your own stamp on the program.